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Animal studies show B-17 is perfectly safe


An odd thing happened over the 10 weeks I was away from home. Out of all the jars of nuts, seeds, oats and so on in my Thai kitchen, the ants decided to go only for the jar of apricot kernels. And by that, I don’t just mean one or two ants, but a couple of hundred hit the jar, gorging themselves on maybe 300 seeds.

Now, I see this as akin to the sort of clinical trial Big Pharma does. Why? Because 7 weeks later I have rather a lot of healthy ants with absolutely none having passed on to their maker. Clearly then, the drug is perfectly safe to take.

Notwithstanding that we covered research at CANCERactive a couple of years ago showing that amygdalin (or natural B-17) killed cancer cells in the laboratory, whilst leaving healthy cells untouched, I still found this experiment rather exhilarating.

For example, if one were to believe all the IT trolls and their pro-Pharma claptrap, amygdalin is just cyanide in disguise, and if I am to believe that only a few apricot kernels a day will undoubtedly kill me, how come these tiny ants, with their mandibles jammed full of amygdalin and nothing else, have not passed on to ant heaven?

Now, if we switch and use Monsanto GMO clinical trial methodology (where they feed GMO foods to rats for 90 days then end the trial before tumours start to appear), Eureka – complete confirmation that B-17 is safeand also effective – not a single ant with cancer. It’s a miracle!

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