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Don’t ignore a gut problem

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Don’t ignore a gut problem

Recently, I have helped a number of people who have cancer, for whom the underlying problem was another illness over the last five or six years.

Let me explain. It takes 6-10 years to build a body conducive to cancer, then something (for example a trauma) can tip you over the edge.

In one case the patient had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and the Doctor had told him there was uncertainty over the cause. Two others had fibromyalgia. And a fourth had Hashimoto’s; a fifth a problem with constipation.

Not one of these people had the slightest inkling that they had a gut problem, but CFS, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s and constipation are definite signs. And, a chap called Hippocrates a few years back said that ‘All illness begins in the gut’.

So, leaving a gut problem and not fixing it, is a recipe for disaster. “Do I believe that a gut microbiome imbalance could cause cancer? You bet,” said Professor Paul O’Toole of the Cork Microbiome Institute recently. He should know – he’s one of Europe’s top gut experts.

So I wrote this for readers – “15 early warning signs you have a gut problem”. Be sure to read it. It might save you from getting something far, far worse!

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