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Human breast milk as a cancer treatment?


The milk of life

You may not have heard of Helen Fitzsimmons or Arthur Eastmond but they did something a little bit out of the ordinary.

Mr Eastmond, 73, had bone cancer (multiple myeloma); and was then diagnosed with prostate cancer. He was given just a few months to live at most.

But Helen, his daughter, had read some research on the benefits of breast milk. It is a fact that human breast milk is THE food source for bifidobacteria, the main bacteria when an ‘inert’ bacteria-free baby passes through their mother’s birth canal. And the breast milk perfectly feeds the bifidobacteria, and greatly multiplies their numbers. Bifidobacteria build baby’s immune system and defend they baby for the first six months of its life. There’s even an ‘antibiotic’ that has been made from the milk that can kill drug-resistant bacteria.

Helen had read research that breast milk can kill cancer cells, other studies show it kills warts caused by Human Pappiloma Virus, and there’s a protein called human alphalactalbumin in breast milk. It kills all manner of diseases, even cancer cells.

So, Dad started drinking 2 fl.oz then it went to 3. His protein markers all fell. Nothing else in his treatment programme changed. He didn’t beat the grim reaper, but he did survive 16 months.

It has provoked an interesting debate about human breast milk. But the fact is that all the medical comment misses much of the evidence-based research. Unfortunately it tends to be on unpasteurized cows’ milk.  But the research is quite clear – it is full of immunoglobulins and immune boosting bacteria. And proteins that knock out disease. In fact everything a new born needs to get through the first year of its life in a very nasty world.

No one has died from consuming ‘raw’ milk in nearly 50 years in Europe. But the ‘powers that be’ in Europe frown on it, they try to restrict it (French farmers, of course, ignore them). And in America raw milk is banned.

You can buy raw cows’ milk from UK farmers on the Internet; even Waitrose sells unpasteurized French cheese. And now, you can even buy human breast milk on the Internet too.

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