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It’s not YOUR sweet tooth, it’s your gut bacteria’s


It’s not your sweet tooth, it’s your gut bacteria’s

How many times have I had a cancer patient who has told me that they find it very difficult to get their plasma glucose down because they have ‘such a sweet tooth’.

My reply will surprise you.

I always tell them that they don’t have a sweet tooth, their microbiome does.

For example, if you have damaged your gut bacteria – typically through taking antibiotics, or drugs like proton pump inhibitors, immunotherapies and chemotherapy – you will have less good (commensal) bacteria. At night these consume up to 2.2 pounds of yeasts and microbes that entered your body with your day’s food and drink.

If your good guys do not devour them, you can get an overload of yeasts and pathogens in your gut. Yeasts, for example, love glucose.  They crave it. If they get it they make certain chemicals. If they don’t they make other chemicals.

Some of these chemicals (like the hormone Leptin) are powerful and influence the brain – via the vagus nerve, or through the blood stream.

Result? ‘We’re starving down here – send us some sugar’.

The issue then, is not to send the gremlins some sugar, but to kill off the gremlins. Caprylic acid, oregano oil, cinnamon, and artemesinin can each and all play a role.

Your sugar cravings, and your plasma glucose will subside.

I have been telling people this for about a decade – now there is some research SEE HERE.

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