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Juicing is good news


While one criticises, others extol

The Daily Mail ran a somewhat bizarre article from cancer expert Dr. Karol Sikora on how juicing was useless for people with cancer. I always worry whether or not Trained Doctors have the first clue about nutrition, but I know Karol is an honest oncologist and is saying what he thinks.

The article contained stranger revelations such as

“162,000 deaths in the UK each year of people , diagnosed with cancer : people who took the standard tumour-attack regime : surgery , chemical warfare , radiation. You would think that the most disastrously unsuccessful group of tradesmen in history : the orthodox ” oncologists ” would have the common sense : the common decency , to simply keep their heads down , keep their mouths shut and keep taking the money.”

No comment from me.

Clearly, anyone can have an opinion on juicing (or is it blending’) and cancer because there is little or no research giving any clues on its benefits. Common sense and extraolation from research (for example) on the ‘Colourful Mediterranean Diet’ might furnish more than a few clues but which oncologist is prepared to stick his or her neck out.

Unlike oncologists who focus on their chosen subject of brain tumours or breast cancers, I have a health website and love to spot commonalities across illnesses.

And suddenly I came across this – Two UK professors believe they can reverse Type-2  diabetes. They have done it already with all their patients but now they have a full blown clinical trial going on. And what is the treatment protocol??

Yes, they are using a juicing protocol of 800 calories a day. As with cancer, it cleans the liver of fat and, in turn, this cleans the pancreas too and gets the necessary hormones working again. (And a clean liver helps clean the lymph, and boosts the immune system).

Perhaps Karol should talk to them.

You can read all about it HERE.