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My vaccine dilemma – instantly resolved

My vaccine dilemma - resolved

I have now had Covid. And Government data is very clear. My Natural Immunity far exceeds anything a vaccine can give me.

My week started innocently enough. I bought Harry a Pizza while my wife went out for a drink with her girl friends. 36 hours later my wife had developed Covid, the next day it was Harry and, finally, inevitably, me.

So, on top of the D3 and Zinc I was taking, out came the Ivermectin, an antihistamine, azithromycin for three days, the paracetamol, and the vitamin C.

Not too bad; the main problem was that I developed a badly ulcerated throat. two days of oregano oil, morning and night and that was under control. I went to see the Health Clinic people. Far from criticizing the Ivermectin, their protocol was 2 times a day for 5 days, where I had read it should be (for my size) 2 pills on days 1, 3 and 7. They also wanted me to take 3 gm vitamin C, 4 times a day.

My wife had pots of the Thai Herb, the Thai Government has approved, and we took those every three or four hours.

Net result,

  1. The Thai Doctors basically totally agreed with what I was doing to treat my Covid. They treat it that way too.
  2. I now have a shiny certificate to say I have had Covid and the Thai Doctors totally agree with my own Oxford University virology learning – if you’ve had Covid, you have natural immunity and you don’t need any vaccinations.
  3. Natural Immunity will always be better than conferred immunity. But then there is US Government data on this – The CDC shows that after 2 years from developing Covid, you still have 90% Immunity. This is in comparison to mRNA vaccines, which in the Israel Study, provide 86% protection following the jab, which declined to 74% after 3/4 months and 39% after 6-7 months. No, this is not mis-information; This is US and Israeli Government data!

It’s been a real pleasure to deal with sensible people who have a genuine education in science.

Thank you Be Well Medical Centre in Hua Hin, Thailand.