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My vaccine dilemma – resolved

My vaccine dilemma - resolved

I think the real problem with Covid has been the perpetual deceit, misinformation and confusion.

If you don’t trust the person in charge (“it’s only a pandemic among the unvaccinated” – Biden) and his expert scientist (“we need 70% vaccination for herd immunity”) Fauci and then you read real life Israel research results that the vaccine you absolutely must have has an effectiveness which wanes significantly after just 3 months, and/or that Cornell University have had a major outbreak of Covid, omicron included, with 930 cases reported and yet ‘masks are mandated and 97% of students are fully vaccinated, most having had a booster’ (Medscape, WebMD) (1), you start to question whether anyone in authority has the first clue how to deal with this or your best interests at heart.

Never mind the science

For example, the fact is that Harvard Epidemiologists have reviewed the data (2) from 68 countries and over 1050 counties in the USA and found there is absolutely zero correlation between the percentage of unvaccinated people and the number of Covid cases. Would I rather trust the Harvard Epidemiology Department or Joe Biden talking on CNN? And then the Austria, Australian and Canadian governments plan their Lockdowns and/or Internment camps for the unvaccinated. If you think lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations are the answer then ask yourself why Florida has had none of these draconian measures and has had less deaths than 34 other US states (3) despite being known as a retirement destination for the old in the USA. Ask why, with over 80% vaccination rates,  fully vaccinated people in the UK and Israel are developing Covid for the third or fourth time. Ask why, scientists are not allowed to question anything. They get kicked off YouTube, Facebook, and all the links at the top of Google are ‘myth buster’ links.

Real science is questioning and debate. Dr Fauci – we don’t have real science when it’s led by you.

Japan, the UK and most of Scandinavia have issued ‘Heart damage’ warnings for mRNA vaccines. The level of cases that have occured would have seen previous vaccines for other illnesses immediately banned. Dr Robert Malone, the man credited with inventing the mRNA vaccine, says that everyone has the right to know the risks before taking the vaccine, but that the CDC has not yet done any evaluation which would normally have been done and documented with any new vaccine by now (4).  Malone also discussed a Norwegian report in an old people’s home where 10% of the deaths were attributable solely to the vaccine. And now we force it on children. But politicians tell us the vaccines are perfectly safe. Fauci on TV said he hoped that the FDA would ‘do its job and approve the vaccines’ even though the CDC at that time had over 47,000 serious side-effect cases recorded including deaths..

I have noted that a few stable patients with their cancers under control sometimes have their cancers burst back into life after mRNA vaccines. I have discussed it with doctors and Professors who are also finding this. It’s only a few patients and usually it starts with swollen lymph nodes. One patient whose Colorectal cancer had been stable for 4 years, went to hospital with swollen lymph nodes in his neck. The nurse asked him what he’d been doing lately. “Nothing. Only the Pfizer jab”. The nurse instantly walked away. Another patient who told her oncologist that she didn’t want the jab because she already had swollen cancerous lymph nodes was immediately given an exemption.

And what about the long-term effects of this new technology used in mRNA vaccines?

First, there was research in 2021 from Thomas Jefferson Medical School that shows mRNA can be ‘uploaded’ into your DNA by polymerase theta, which acts as a ‘reverse transcriptase’ (5). It’s a defence mechanism the body uses to correct DNA mistakes. Human cells thus can write foreign RNA into their genetic code. Dr. Fauci’s NIAID knew this ‘reverse transcriptase’ system came into play with HIV, which ‘uploaded’ into the hosts’ DNA (6). 

Anybody with a brain knows that there’s something very fishy going on with the myopic drive to vaccinate the world with NIH invented mRNA vaccines because of the Covid pandemic. In the USA, PhDs are the least vaccinated group with almost a quarter not vaccinated. 

Covid is no longer a pandemic

We are no longer actually in a pandemic according to Dr Mike Ryan of the WHO. It’s now ‘an endemic’ (7).

According to Dr Paul Elias Alexander an expert Epidemiologist who worked for the WHO and now is an advisor to the US Government, as a virus like Covid mutates it will become more transmissible, but thankfully less serious (8). And now Pfizer (Paxlovid) and Merck (Molnupiravir) have treatments, on top of the alternative treatments like Azithromycin or Ivermectin widely used in India or Fluvir used in Indonesia. In the latter, it is widely believed Fluvir controlled the Covid outbreak. In India, Dr Surya Kent talks of regional Indian governments completely ignoring the WHO. Of course we are led to believe that India has had an incredible death toll as a result. On a population of 1.399 billion people the number of cases today totals 34,7 million or just 2.4% of population and deaths is just 0.03 %.

Covid is treatable and according to Dr. Peter McCullough, cardiologist and epidemiologist, ‘early treatment saves lives’ and they have reduced deaths by 67% in Texas as he reported to the Texas Senate in May 2021. 

You only need a vaccine if you believe the virus is untreatable. But Covid isn’t untreatable. And if the vaccines themselves take lives, it’s a sin.

This weekend, France has shut its borders to people from the UK. According to UK Government Data – 81.7% of the over 12 age group have had two shots, and 90,418 people tested positive yesterday; 513,574 in the last 7 days. And more than 90% are Delta not Omicron. Has anybody stopped to ask the question ‘Why?

McCullough is very clear. He thinks that the mRNA jabs damage your immune system and make people MORE susceptible to Covid. Dr Rossella Talotta, an expert in autoimmune diseases has reviewed the evidence and concludes that mRNA vaccines can form endosomes, which are recognised by Toll-like receptors in the body causing serious pro-inflammatory conditions and leading to the up-regulation of serious immune-related diseases (8). All in all there are many reviews on the increased inflammatory risk caused by the mRNA vaccine, from increases in autoimmune diseases to the acute risk of thromboembolism, platelet levels, the development of Graves disease, vasculitis and even kidney failure on PubMed.

My Vaccine Dilemma – Resolved

I waited. Unfortunately, some people didn’t have the luxury. Those with metabolic disease felt the full force of Covid at the outset. Viruses hit the weak and infirm.

I also went down with a really bad case of flu – the first one for 50 years in my case – surrounded by Chinese in Vientiane in December 2019 before we’d heard of Covid. It only lasted one night, but I was totally delirious.

Now, I take Vitamin D when not riding my bike with my shirt off in the sun, I exercise, I take zinc, I have stocks of Ivermectin just in case. Last Saturday in Thailand, a country with the same population numbers as the UK or France, we had less than 2,700 cases of Covid. But the Thai Government have opened the doors to all those rich foreigners who want to escape the winter. Once again in Covid, money rules.

I can now find the Oxford Vaccine in Thailand. I have always favoured this vaccine. But it is important to understand the science.

You have two parts to your immune system. 

     (i) The Innate System – you were born with this. It contains your attacking T-cells, the front line of your defence.

     (ii) The Adaptive System – this makes antibodies in response to infections be they viruses or gut bacteria. This works like a jigsaw puzzle. The antibodies have to ‘fit’ the invader.

Unlike mRNA, which boosts your antibodies to the spike protein and doesn’t work too well if there are mutations to that spike protein (as there are with Omicron), the Oxford vaccine boosts your T-Cells, which get to work when any rogue body enters yours.

Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert is an expert vaccinologist, and an expert in T-cells; she is joint creator of what is also called the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Professor Gilbert has always maintained you probably only need one shot and you certainly don’t need more than two. Your T-cell levels just don’t decline in the same way that your antibodies do to a bit of spike protein. One of the problems with the mRNA is that you are not asking the body to make antibodies to a pathogen – a bacterium or a virus. Just a bit of its spike protein.

Not surprisingly then, with mRNA vaccine the original 90% effective declines to 74% after 3-4 months, and then declines to 39% after 6-7 months, according to what has happened in highly mRNA vaccinated Israel. It makes a pretty constant 86% for the Oxford vaccine seem a better choice.

But what about the side effects?

There are several papers on these for both vaccines. However, they only look at issues such as fatigue, headaches and flu-like symptoms. A study with the AZ vaccine suggested symptoms persisted in about 6.7% of people.

What about myocarditis and pericarditis? 

In a UK Government review (10) the MHRA claims it is a rare condition following vaccination. The review states that myocarditis is the bigger health issue that pericarditis, which is more curable. In two US studies quoted, it would seem damage to the heart is more prevalent in young children. Apparently the diseases are anyway increasing with 2000 cases in the UK in 2017, largely in younger men, and usually the result of viral attack. 

Although the AZ vaccine was far more widely used in the UK, it is the two mRNA vaccines that get the drubbing! As of 17 November 2021, there have been 432 reports of myocarditis and 332 reports of pericarditis following the use of the Pfizer vaccine. There have been 101 reports of myocarditis and 57 reports of pericarditis following the use of the Moderna vaccine. 

It seems extremely likely that at least some of this is the result of poorly trained vaccinators. How you do the vaccination really matters. We have a whole article on ‘aspiration’. If you look at the data on myocarditis in unaspirated people, it causes roughly the same rate of heart damage as is being recorded for the vaccine. What’s this about? If you inject an old fashioned Adenovirus (common cold) vector vaccine into the blood system, not the muscle protein, it will start replicating in the first tissue it comes to – the heart wall (11). 

So, the vaccination must be done right . It is your life. And, yet again, don’t believe officialdom. In the UK last week two of my people were told aspiration is old fashioned. In Australia ‘We don’t recommend it in the Melbourne area’. The WHO don’t even mention it. 

So, my vaccine resolution. 

First, now there’s now a proper antibody test available in Thailand, not one of those ‘do-I-have-any-Coronavirus-traces-in-my-body-from-the-last-ten-years’ PCR tests,  I’m heading off to have it done to find out if I contracted Covid in Laos and if I have natural immunity.

Then, I will either obtain some Oxford University vaccine, or the ‘newly approved’ Novavax non-gene, old-style vaccine contender (especially if I get more info on the side-effects, which so far seem much lower). Rivals are imminent too (e.g. one from GSK).

Go to: Novavax leads the way in protein-based Covid vaccines

Either way, I will call the top Hospital in Bangkok and make sure a Doctor is available – one who knows how to aspirate. And then I will provide him or her with my chosen vaccine.

One shot if I have already had Covid, two if I haven’t? And then full to the gills with vitamin D, C and zinc, I will return to the UK, and take my car down to my home in the South of France.

The real issue?

The UK has had half a million cases of Covid in the week before Christmas. In about 6 weeks at that rate it will have surpassed the total cases in India since the start of Covid. Boris went on TV with his “There’s no cause for alarm” message: We’ll give everybody another shot of the vaccine (that doesn’t stop you getting Covid); that’ll fix it. Isn’t it time someone sensible stood back and asked ‘Why?. What is going wrong?’

McCullough and other experts think mRNA is helping the spread because it causes inflammation and damages the immune system and it’s tailored to a piece of spike protein that can easily mutate, almost certainly in the body of those infected (12). Whether you agree or not with this, Covid is rampant in European countries like Germany and France and we need some genuine science now, not half-baked politics and propaganda.

And, what has happened to ‘70% vaccination in the population will give us herd immunity?’ If Omicron is so mild, maybe we should let everyone catch it and get our herd immunity that way (13). The current gene-based vaccines certainly aren’t going to achieve herd immunity!



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