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My vaccine dilemma

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My vaccine dilemma

I’m in a quandary. I had decided to have the Oxford University (Astrazeneca) vaccine, but now I am not sure.

At the last count, 20 countries including nine in Europe have put its use on hold while they investigate its ability to promote blood clots in people.

I do take fish oils and turmeric daily, and often echinacea. All thin the blood. I could add nattokinase, I suppose which has research suggesting it prevents clots and strokes, but it sounds from the reports that the vaccine is doing something fundamental to some people’s Biochemistry.

I have preferred the Oxford vaccine because it used a modified adenovirus (cold virus) like many previous vaccines, and was carrying a piece of the Covid-19 coat to prompt an immune response.

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines actually scare me. These are a completely new type of vaccine, an mRNA vaccine. Do I want to be a guinea pig from a new type of, never-before-used, vaccine which is being trialled on something as deadly as a Coronavirus? I have read the stories just as you have. Nurses given the jab, dying the next night. And Facebook taking posts down saying there’s no evidence of a connection, to me is rather like claiming there is no proven connection between someone in a car crash dying 24 hours later of a brain haemorrhage.

What about the 22 eighty plus-year old ladies dying in an old people’s home in Norway after receiving the Pfizer jab. Or India, whose Health Authorities turned down the Pfizer vaccine because there were reports of health and brain damage and Pfizer didn’t want to do a clinical trial on Indian soil (but, I guess, still wanted indemnity for anyone dying from their vaccine).

It’s all a real mess. And it’s made worse because I am a well-educated biochemist with a brain and I don’t trust all these people in power telling me palpable untruths. The more they talk rubbish, the less I trust the vaccines. The more you tell me I can’t fly, or I can’t go to a Football match without the vaccine, the less I trust you.

India – 1.26 % of the 1.388 billion population have caught Covid, 1.36% of those have died. Far less than in a normal year of common ‘flu.

And then the CEO of Pfizer says we will need a jab every year. What has Pfizer also told us:

Does the Pfizer jab mean I can’t catch Covid? No.

Does the Pfizer jab mean I won’t end up in Hospital with Covid? No.

Does the Pfizer jab mean I won’t die from Covid? No.

Does the Pfizer jab mean I can’t pass the virus on? No.

For goodness sake! What does it do?

If I have the jab, my symptoms will be less.


Already the UK Government are talking about a big new wave of Covid cases in the Autumn. Hang on. You have done a great job vaccinating half the country, if your Press Releases are to be believed. If the vaccines really delivered, why would they not confer herd immunity?

I am not against vaccines!!!

I had the polio vaccine 60 years ago. Brilliant. My friend contracted Polio, I didn’t.

But, the Covid vaccine is not the polio vaccine – not even in the same league.

Let me get this straight? the Pfizer boss wants me to have a vaccine every year – a vaccine that doesn’t even (by his own admission) prevent me getting Covid; and meanwhile the UK Government are making plans for the worst!

It’s anti-science. And it beggars belief.

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