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Stuff and nonsense – cancer drugs and probiotics


Just lately there has been a new and dangerous threat to the health of cancer patients. An increasing number are told not to take ‘probiotics’ for fear that they might cause infection given the patient’s weakened immune system as a result of the cancer drugs.

I have talked to about a dozen patients from all over Britain in recent weeks, whose oncologist, haematologist or nurse has told them to avoid probiotics at all costs.

This is, of course, complete nonsense. Not for the first time do these ‘medicine men’ simply know nothing about life outside their drugs, radiotherapy and surgery, but in this advice they run counter to the research, and risk their patients’ health and even survival.

Firstly, probiotics are ‘pro-life’. They only contain good bacteria (commensal bacteria) not bad bacteria (pathogens).

Conversely, Doctors are very happy to hand out anti-biotics which are ‘anti-life’ – indeed recent research showed 60 per cent of their prescriptions were absolutely useless for the prescribed job (usually against viruses against which they have no known scientific action).

But ‘pro-biotics’? They are dangerous.

Probiotics Defend you!!!

Antibiotics (and chemotherapy drugs and even the new ‘wonder’ immunotherapy drugs) severely damage your microbiome. As a result you will have less white immune cells, more risk of infection, more debilitating and dangerous yeasts, lowered resistance to the pathogens and parasites already in your body, lowered production of B vitamins (that are essential to DNA replication), vitamin K (that protects your liver) and short-chain esters that prevent bad cholesterol forming and produce anti-inflammatory compounds.

Whereas probiotics DEFEND you (think Bifidobacteria the first one you are given from Mum during birth). AND, there is research that probiotics IMPROVE the performance of chemotherapy drugs like cyclophosphamide (the stalwart of breast cancer ‘care’), and even the new immunotherapy drugs need probiotics to work.

In fact, ironically, immunotherapy needs probiotics to work properly, and research has shown that this is one of the reasons immunotherapy surprisingly does not work for everyone.

Of course, it’s not the first time that doctors and nurses have been found to talk absolute, uninformed rubbish to patients. It seems likely to get worse before it gets better. Recently, two patients were told not to consume the juice of vegetables as they could bring bad bacteria and infection into a body whose immune system was ravaged by drugs developed 50 years ago.


And Doctors and nurses wonder why they are losing patient trust!

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