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The Truth about Vitamin D – 15 years late


Some 15 years ago I wrote our first article on vitamin D. As always it was science-based and used a good number of research studies to support it. Moreover, I reviewed the work of Boston Medical School who have now more than 25 years worth of research.

As more and more research appeared, so we added to the article. In the cancer arena, people with low plasma levels of vitamin are far more likely go develop cancer. And some 80 % of people in the UK have low levels of vitamin D, below 20 ng/ml. If you have cancer and maintain low vitamin D, you probably won’t survive very long; but help is at hand because you can go in the sun or, supplement. Yes, you can take pills that are available in shops or on line.

From our research, it is quite clear that your plasma levels need to be over 75ng/ml. That is twice the recommendation made by the NHS a year ago (of 35-40 ng/ml). And increasing your vitamin D levels, increases survival times. There’s research on that too – several studies.

When I first launched our charity, Cancer Research UK were blatantly warning people not to go in the sunshine. 6 years ago they changed their stance to exactly what we had been saying all along. It is important to go in the sun – but don’t burn. We launched the ‘Safe Sun’ campaign 10 or more years ago.

In the UK about 1500 people die from Skin cancer a year and, as with melanoma, the numbers being diagnosed have jumped massively in the last 5 years. But further examination of the data shows that the number of grade 3 and 4 cancers have not increased a jot. We are just more aware of the dangers and are looking for early threats.

CRUK still tell people not to go in the sun. Now a multi-study analysis of vitamin D research shows that the fake fear campaigns on sunshine are costing at least 300,000 lives a year. Why? Well as we cover on our this Website, low vitamin D is linked to more heart disease, more Alzheimer’s, more dementia, more Parkinson’s, more diabetes, more gut inflammation, more strokes, more MS – yes, more disease in total. And the research has been coming in steadily for 15 years.

It’s called ‘evidence-based medicine’. It just seems that orthodoxy doesn’t know too much about it. But at last, things may be stirring. I was helping a Professor before Christmas with his Prostate Cancer – I said I was surprised that I had just had three UK cancer patients in the UK offered injections of 125,000 IUs of vitamin D. He told me that in his hospital, they thought blood levels needed to be at least 80 ng/ml to fight cancer.

Better later than never but at least some people are now listening.

Sunshine rules – Go in the sun; don’t burn; if you can’t, supplement.

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