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Heal Your Gut now – HUG it!

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Heal Your Gut now - HUG it!

All illness starts in the gut and this article tells you how to go about fixing it; whether you have Crohn’s, colitis or IBS, or chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, persistent cystitis, urinary tract infections, or the start of something worse like a blood pressure problem, diabetes or even a cancer.

The Power of the microbiome

There are 90 trillion bacteria in your gut microbiome –  but you only have 7 trillion cells yourself. They outnumber you 13 to 1.

They have at least 75,000 genes, you have just 25,000. They ‘make’ three times more proteins, enzymes and messages than you make yourself. Their messages can even ‘trump’ your messages.

At any one time, 38 per cent of the small molecules circulating in your blood stream were made by them, not you. They control your physical biochemistry and your mental biochemistry.

All illness starts in the gut

More worryingly, research is consistent: They get ill first, then you get ill. And you can’t get fully better, until they get better.

They get ill? What does that mean? Typically, you lose volume of the good bacteria; you lose strains of good bacteria; you have heightened levels of pathogens and yeasts.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter which illness – from IBS to Colitis, or from Alzheimer’s to cancer, or from fibromyalgia to chronic fatigue syndrome  – you have almost certainly lost good bacteria – volume and strains – and that allows the pathogens, yeasts and even a parasite if you have one, to come out to play.

If healthy, you might normally have about 800 types (species, genus) of bacteria in your gut. Within each type you have different strains. If you are healthy you have 9 commensal (good) bacteria for 1 pathogen (bad) bacteria.

How you damage your microbiome

There are three ways you can upset the healthy balance of your gut.

  1. You take a drug:

Drugs, especially antibiotics or Proton Pump Inhibitors like omeprazole, damage your microbiome. Even a seemingly harmless 5-day course of antibiotics can cause dramatic effects. The commensal bacteria start to die off after just two days – they are fragile. Some become extinct for ever. But pathogens are more hardy – some can survive 8 weeks of antibiotics. The net result? The loss of good bacteria and the rise of the bad bacteria and yeasts.

  1. Self-inflicted:

You eat poorly. For example, your good bacteria love soluble fibre, like oats, psyllium, nuts and seeds, vegetables and pulses.  Do you eat those foods? Perhaps you eat too much sugar or dairy and feed their enemies.

Maybe you binge drink, smoke or get stressed – all stop the good from growing and multiplying.

  1. You get a parasite:

Much easier to pick up than people realise. Do you remember the food poisoning you had for a few days years ago? Maryland Medical School have shown that pathogens and parasites can live in us for 20 years or more before they come out to play. A parasite can screw up the whole gut system and you might not know it was still there until too late.

Bacteria – who needs them?

You do. 85% of your immune system and your immune memory is made in response to your gut bacteria. Destroy the good guys and you destroy your immune system.

They make your B vitamins, vitamin K, they regulate your blood sugar, and your oxygenating glutathione levels. They make serotonin to brighten your mood, melatonin to help you sleep and short chain esters, which control your blood fat levels and they make anti-inflammatory molecules which limit inflammation in your gut and then throughout your body.

At night your commensal bacteria consume 2.2 pounds of yeasts. If they are absent, the yeasts take over the gut. Like mushrooms they have roots which make small holes in the gut wall through which food molecules can pass. It’s the start of ‘Leaky gut’. Consume gluten and the holes get bigger. Now yeasts can pass into the blood stream – they sit on cell membranes and block messages getting in and out of cells; they colonise areas of the body – they are anaerobes and deplete oxygen levels; they like to sit on scar tissue and this can even cause cancer recurrence.

What are the most common signs of microbiome disruption? Flatulence, bloating after meals, thrush, cystitis, skin problems, eczema, acne, allergies, diarrhoea, constipation, bad breath, fatigue, loss of appetite, sugar cravings, mouth ulcers, irritability etc. etc.

Rebuild your gut – give yourself a HUG!

All over the web you will see people making claims about healing your gut. It’s not that easy.

It needs discipline.

First, you need to kill all the yeasts; and pathogens; and any parasites. Then you need to re-introduce the good guys you’ve lost – as many as possible. AND you need to heal the structure of your gut as well.

So here is the HUG protocol – it is a two phase programme. You could merge the phases if you want though. I just want to explain it more clearly!

The HUG PROTOCOL – Heal Ur Gut

Phase 1. For 8 weeks – Hold and destroy:

(1) HOLD

  1. Take a good probiotic. It needs to contain strains of Lactic Acid bacteria (Lactobacillus) which make your gut acid again; plus strains of Bifidobacterium which boosts the immune system, attacks some bad bacteria and makes some important compounds you need.  Most importantly, you need L.rhamnosus – it heals the holes in your gut wall. And you need Bifidobacterium infantis which puts the good up, the bad down and has even been shown to tackle IBS.
  2. You don’t need 35 strains and 300 billion. You need these two species and about 3 to 4 strains of each including those above and 20 billion in volume per day. Don’t keep probiotic in the ‘fridge, don’t take it with cold liquids or hot liquids. Don’t buy one containing sugar or glutamate if you have cancer.
  3. Eat and they shall multiply! Strains of Lactobacillus above all love ellagitannins – berries, then pectins – carrots, raw vegetables, apples, pears. Strains of Bifidobacterium love inulins – chicory, artichoke, onions – and mother’s milk. They also love a little very dark chocolate (85 per cent plus) and cocoa, and according to three research studies, they like a glass of merlot.
  4. As an insurance policy you should also take a good vitamin B complex (but not if you have choline-avid prostate cancer), and vitamin K (unless you have blood clotting issues), as you may not be producing much if your commensal bacteria are depleted.


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  1.  Kill your yeasts – choose a natural compound like oregano oil, caprylic acid, or pau d’arco. (The last kills viruses as well). Do this for 12 weeks.
  2. Take 3 teaspoons of Cinnamon twice a day for 2 weeks.
  3.  Kill your pathogens – use Artemisinin (sweet wormwood); if you just want to kill pathogens, the dose is 300 mg before bed, plus 1 gm of vitamin C. If you want to kill cancer cells, it is 100 mg, for every 10kg of body weight. Although this figure comes from Dr. Narendra Singh’s research protocol, I feel it is rather high. I would have thought 600mg would be a maximum. Be aware that it works but there can be side-effects. Read more on artemisinin here.
  4.  Kill any parasites – take the all herbal Para-Free Plus 25 days on, 5 days off, 25 days on – you and your partner. 3 pills with room temp water first thing; 3 pills last thing. (While taking the Para Free Plus you will not need to take a yeast killer as it contains yeast killers.)

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Do not let anyone on the Web tell you that they have a fantastic product that kills parasites in two weeks. You need to kill the parents in the first month, then the hatching eggs in month 2. This is why this programme takes 8 weeks!

In the UK, you can buy yeast killers and artemisinin here.


Phase 2. Week 9 and thereafter – REPLENISH AND GROW NUMBERS:


  1.  Eat PROBIOTIC foods – Re-establish diversity by consuming a little raw, unpasteurised cheese (from cows, sheep or goats) – it gives you masses of Bifidobacteria strains, plus immunoglobulins to strengthen your immune system. In the UK there is a strong Kefir product from a company called ‘Chuckling Goat’. You want something with 10 strains at least; Then there’s fresh sauerkraut and cloudy, Apple Cider Vinegar. You don’t need huge volumes of these foods – treat them medicinally.  You can take Kombucha and tempeh – in the longer term you should be constantly adding bacteria back in to your body.

There’s far more in our book ‘Heal your Gut – Heal your Body’. Click HERE to buy.


Eat PREBIOTIC foods – Re-establish volume by consuming relevant Prebiotic foods the good bacteria love – like ellagitannins (blueberries, raspberries), pectins, lignans and inulin. Soluble fibre – oats, psyllium, flaxseeds, nuts, seeds, vegetables, pulses are also helpful.  Extra virgin olive oil, fish oils. These foods feed the commensal bacteria numbers and make more anti-inflammatory molecules. It’s called a Rainbow Diet! People who consume the highest levels of soluble natural fibre have the strongest immune systems by far.

And this is what Phase 2 is all about – eating naturally probiotic foods, and feeding them with lots of prebiotics.

A Final Word

When Chris does Personal Prescriptions for Cancer Patients, he says he often sees people with bad gut problems, often worsened by Chemotherapy and immunotherapy.  People with extreme cases of microbiome damage should find out more about Fecal Transplants.

Start here – Fecal Transplants

What’s your illness?

IBS, Crohn’s, colitis?

Diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, high blood pressure and even cancer.

Certainly, Chronic fatigue Syndrome, fibromyalgia, rheumatism, arthritis, allergies, rashes.

All these are linked to problems in the gut which must be fixed.

For Your Information –

Chris Woollams has specifically designed a triple action natural herbal parasite killer (and it cleanses the colon). It is called ParaFree Plus.   It can be used on its own effectively, or with full-dose wormwood.



We also have a ProbioticProbio8 Max which has the above Lactobacillus strains (rhamnosus) plus a number of strains of Bifidobacterium including infantis. Deliberately designed to be exactly what you need.



Finally, we have launched a pancreatic and digestive enzyme mix to improve digestion and help kill pathogens and parasites on an ongoing basis. You can add this in almost all year round to prevent problems recurring. It is called – Pancreatic Digestive Enzyme Formula – and you can buy it HERE.  



But above all we suggest you buy the book – Heal your Gut; Heal your BodyIt is easy to read, and then easy to implement.

Read more HERE.