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Chris Woollams – a buddy to people with cancer

Chris Woollams tries to help 5 or 6 people with cancer each month. He does this by ‘Buddying’ them. He has an extensive knowledge of cancer from all the research he reads, all the doctors and Professors he regularly speaks with, and all the patients that contact him. 

But he is not a Doctor, nor does he claim to be one. He has no special healing abilities. Nor does he offer to ´cure´ people.

What he does do is he helps people build their own tailored, personal Integrative Programme which aims to increase their personal odds of survival. “People have spent 6-10 years bulding a body that is conducive to cancer. It is time to help them build a body conducive to health. It’s not about treating cancer. It’s about healping people rebuild their health”, says Chris.

Some people feel this is too humble –  

“What that man doesn’t know about cancer, just isn’t worth knowing”, says Geoffrey Boycott. “He saved my life”.

Smart Choices – the aggregate of marginal gains

Cancer patients are not stupid. They didn’t suddenly become dumb the moment they developed cancer. They understand what orthodox medicine can do for them. And they understand its limitations. They are resourceful. They have been on the Internet, they have talked to people; they know there is more they can do to help themselves.

The American Cancer Society is quite clear: There is overwhelming evidence that certain complementary therapies can increase survival and even prevent a cancer returning. But where do you start? Who do you turn to? It is all so confusing. There’s so much information out there!

If curcumin or a probiotic helps your drug work better, you’d be stupid not to use it. Or oxygen, cleaning your liver, rebuilding your gut microbiome, reducing inflammation and so on. Twenty or so health factors each of which may just be a marginal gain – but when you add the aggregate together, it means you have been making smart choices.

Chris calls the whole thing a Personal Prescription and you can read all about it by clicking that link.

Great feedback

Here are some real comments from real people:

“Chris told me the reason I was so sick, was not the Taxol, but the grapefruit I ate every morning with it. The Doctor had never mentioned this problem”. (Agnes, Chicago)

“After talking to Chris, I put together my plan. My scores tumbled. In the end I didn’t have the treatment for multiple myeloma. I just moved away from the cement factory next door”. (David, New Zealand)

 “Chris told me there was no such thing as terminal cancer. I’d been sent home to write my will and there was nothing more the doctors could do. That was nine years ago. We wrote a plan together, and I stuck to it”. (Brian, Wales)

“Chris told me about research on how to improve my drug success. I was grade 4, and I was told this was the last chance. Six months later, the doctor said he’d never seen such good results, and I’m all clear. I didn’t dare tell him what else I did, though!”. (Mrs F, Spain)

“We spent half the time, at my request, talking about cannabis, B-17, Low-dose Naltrexone, IVC, Iodine, The Nanoknife, Hyperbaric Oxygen, Black Salve and the ketogenic diet – it was an eye-opener”. (Gloria, Essex)

“My sister felt wonderful after talking to Chris and following the plan. She is all clear – in remission. Chris did the skype and after answered 56 e mails, and had another skype. He was wonderful. (Kai, Hong Kong)

At a minimum Chris will save you six months of searching and help you avoid making mistakes; helping you make smarter decisions, and more-informed personal choices. In this way he hopes you will be able to build the best possible tailor-made programme introducing important supporting elements, each of which can add a few per cent to your survival – he calls this strategy ´Increasing survival by the Aggregate of Marginal Gains´. (The title wasn’t his idea – but one of his ‘patients’ who is now a friend!)

Thanks a million for the session this AM. It was extremely informative, useful and mind-opening. I will put a resultant plan together, and run it by you, as soon as I can”. Mike, London

Please Note –

Chris lives outside the UK and the chats will be on Skype.

There is a charge for his time. He says that if something is free, people don’t value it. But he gave the last three months’ monies all to charity.

You have to fill in a form. He will talk to you for 90 minutes or more; you then draw up your plan which he checks over; if things change, you can e mail or talk again – he likes to keep in touch!