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This article offers comprehensive information on prostate cancer, including symptoms, causes and orthodox, integrative and alternative treatments, so you can increase your personal odds of survival today. You are not and do not need to be alone in your determination to prevent, fight and cure yourself of this pestilence.

Throughout this article and indeed throughout this website there is use of technical words and phrases, which is unavoidable.  To help with demystification you can go to our article Doctorspeak, which we produced after research reports said that most patients frequently did not understand their doctor.  It gives you simple English translations!

This is a really thorough article on prostate cancer. We suggest you print it off and read it at your leisure.


Overview on Prostate cancer

If you get to the age of 50, congratulations; you now have a 40 per cent chance of developing prostate cancer. And prostate cancer is a disease for which orthodox treatment is a mess.

Is there really any ´best practice´ for prostate cancer treatment? In the UK, some men are offered surgery, others drugs, and others radiotherapy or brachytherapy. It all seems to depend on the oncologist you meet and who is ´in charge of´ your treatment. Which really is the best route? In America options are even more varied – they might select Proton Beam Therapy; in Europe it might be localised hyperthermia.

Worse, there are now four studies which show that orthodox prostate cancer treatment currently delivers no survival benefit – the latest, and largest study of its kind was completed by Professor Freddy Hamdy of Oxford University in 2016:

Go to: Orthodox Treatment is a waste of time if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer over 50

If current conventional prostate cancer treatment doesn´t improve your survival chances or survival times – and let´s be honest, we all hear the horror stories of side-effects – what are the best alternative prostate cancer treatments? You can´t just do nothing, can you?