An excess of oestrogen can cause cancer (breast, testicular, colorectal, prostate, brain, non-small cell lung cancer and more – and endometriosis, premature low sperm count, swollen prostates, early menarche (girls as young as 7), obesity, etc, etc. 

Non-small cell lung cancer is the fastest growing form of lung cancer in the Western World. And you don’t have to have been near a cigarette to develop it. It has increased from 12 per cent of all lung cancers to 40 per cent in the USA in roughly 20 years. It is oestrogen-driven.

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There are two ways you might have excess oestrogen in your body:

1. The World Health Organisation has recommended that Governments ban certain chemicals of concern; in particular ‘gender bender’ chemicals like BPA and phthalates. They could have talked about parabens, toluene, about 14 common ingredients in perfumes, and many more.

Why? Well it is clear to anyone who can read a research document that these chemicals act like oestrogen in the body yet by-pass the normal progesterone-oestrogen balancing act.  Worse they can work as an aggressive hormone in volumes of just parts per trillion. Governments set ‘safe’ limits for everyday toiletries and personal care products in parts per million (so the rogue chemicals are found in a million times higher than safe levels). And they are cumulative. European MPs also recommended that 1000 common ingredients were removed from everyday products. In both cases, little happened. They are still there – the average UK woman uses over 680 a month!

2. But, that’s not the only way men, women and children can have large volumes of oestrogen in their body. Typically oestrogen is the female sex hormone – made in the ovaries (it is called oestrone). BUT. We all make a more aggressive form (oestradiol) from our fat stores by aromatase enzymes – not quite the same oestrogen; this one is far more aggressive and lies behind breast cancer, womb cancer, prostate cancer, some brain and colorectal cancers and even the fastest growing lung cancer today! Our fat stores have been growing over the last 50 years as the population (including children puts on weight to the point of obesity. Anyway, they increase as we age and pass 50.

If you have breast cancer, the doctor will consider giving you drugs to stop the production of this hormone in your fat stores. But if you have lung, prostate or brain cancer this is very unliely.

Fortunately, there are a dozen or more things you can start doing for yourself today, that will cut these killer chemicals from your body. And the list is in the book.

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