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Chris has been talking about gut bacteria since his first article in 2005, so it seemed only natural that he would have clear views on what should be in a ‘good probiotic supplement’.

First, it needs to have several strains of Lactic Acid producing bacteria to keep pathogens in check. Next it needs to have several strains of Bifidobateria –just as you do as a baby. They attack pathogens and defend you; and they make helpful compounds like B vitamins. Finally you need L. rhamnosus, an essential bacterium which conducts the whole orchestra, turning up the good bacteria and turning down the bad guys; plus it repairs holes in your gut.

A good probiotic should contain a ‘delivery system’ to ensure the bacteria get through the acid in the stomach, and into the gut where they can be effective. We also wanted a single pill to have about 20 billion bacteria which is roughly the volume we lose everyday. And we didn’t want any glutamate or sugars to add to the recipient’s problems.

And so we built Probio8 Max – all round a better probiotic

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