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It had to happen. So many of you asked for us to write it.

The book, the Rainbow Diet has been so successful since its launch in 2006 – it has consistently provided the science behind this diet of inclusion not exclusion. A diet that adds foods, each known to contain bioactive compounds – foods that ‘protect and correct’. Author and biochemist, Chris Woollams, has teamed up this time with Barbara Cox, famous for founding UK based Nutrichef. Barbara is a Chef who knows her science.

Now, in one book, you have over 130 recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner; juices and snacks too. Just what everyone needs. Launching 25th November 2015.


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The four main ingredients to a great meal are simple:

Be healthy, nourishing, tasty and enjoyable.

Two factors set the Rainbow Diet apart from all others –

  • There is a stack of quality research showing that it has the potential to ‘protect and correct’ across all manner of illnesses.
  • It is enjoyable and fun, with variety, and taste.

This is a diet of inclusion, not yet another diet of restrictionIt is vibrant, and full of life.

The Rainbow Diet is nourishing, it is healthy and in this recipe book we are going to show you that it is certainly not boring or limiting. On the contrary the dishes are tasty, fun and enjoyable. It’s the recipe book for the colourful Mediterranean Diet.

Rainbow Recipes, the simple rules:

  1. Think sunshine, outdoors, fresh ingredients, nourishment.
  2. Limit glucose and refined carbs. Any carbs you do eat should be whole.
  3. Fat is good – it builds your brain, membranes and hormones, plus important health contributors like vitamin D. Good fats include extra virgin olive oil, nuts, seeds and their oils, fish oils, avocados, coconut oil. But a little saturated fat won’t do you any harm – it’s a myth. You just need the balance of good fats to greatly outweigh the less good ones!
  4. Colour is wonderful – vibrant vegetables and fabulous fruits. Even edible flowers.

Use the recipes for yourself, or host a party. Why not find out more about taking part in the biggest Rainbow Lunch in the world? We’ll be organising that in 2016.

Rainbow Recipes – a great present for anyone who wants to improve their health.

The Rainbow Recipe Book: Available in the UK and Australia – coming to the USA soon!


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