Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Dangerous, dangerous aspartame

Dangerous aspartame, cancer links, and now strokes and heart disease It really is time that people wised up and did something! Aspartame, the sweetener owned by...

Human breast milk as a cancer treatment?

The milk of life You may not have heard of Helen Fitzsimmons or Arthur Eastmond but they did something a little bit out of the...

Juicing is good news

While one criticises, others extol The Daily Mail ran a somewhat bizarre article from cancer expert Dr. Karol Sikora on how juicing was useless for...

Chris Woollams Annual UK Speech

Chris Woollams will be giving his annual UK speech entitled, 'Cancer is Reversible - Increasing your personal odds of cancer survival' on Sunday October 20th...

Diabetes and obesity linked to in-home ‘chemicals of concern’

Common chemicals that you come into contact with every day in your own home, are linked to increasing rates of diabetes and obesity. So...

Common sugar linked to heart problems, diabetes and cancer ‘beyond doubt’

With a Regional Health Authority in Australia announcing it is to ban soft drink sales in schools, came visuals of sugar cubes in front...

The many health dangers of MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

MSG, inflammatory carcinogen is even in coffee. Now links shown to obesity and diabetes MSG is a chemical taste enhancer first developed in the laboratory...

15 ways to reduce Chronic illness risk by reducing Chronic Inflammation

Chronic Inflammation is the precursor to all chronic illness from IBS to arthrithis, cardiovascular risk, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer's. It is imperative that you control...