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The Internet is a choice – so choose!

Like many things in life, you choose to use to use the Internet. “But”, I hear you cry, “It’s the only place to look...

Mushroom eradicates HPV from the body

The Human papilloma virus (HPV) is now being shown in high levels in breast, prostate and ovarian cancer not just cervical and throat cancer...

Curcumin plus milk thistle have a strong synergistic effect

Chris Woollams Health Watch is an evidence-based, information-only website. We produce short synopses of the latest research in easy-to-understand language. We do NOT answer questions...

Turmeric can stop pre-diabetes

Turmeric can stop pre-diabetes Prediabetic patients can be prevented from becoming diabetic by a 9-month course of turmeric according to researchers in Thailand. 240 people were...

Curcumin improves liver health in type-2 diabetes

People with Type-2 Diabetes usually have tissue and vascular damage in their livers. Researchers  at the Srinakharinwirot University in Bangkok have shown that curcumin,...

Curcumin reduces heart attack risk after by-pass surgery

In July 2012, researchers from Chiang Mai Medical School in Thailand showed that giving coronary by-pass patients 4 gms of curcumin a day reduced...

One gram of curcumin a day can reduce heart disease markers

Curcumin supplement shown to reduce heart disease risk Curcumin supplementation may lower risk of heart attacks and strokes according to research from Mashhad University of...