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Fecal Transplants can treat intestinal permeability

Fecal transplants have now shown promise for use in treating intestinal permeability and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease according to research from Lawson Health Research...

You get fat, because you eat too much fat

In the largest study (1) to date, scientists have looked at what components of diet – fat, carbohydrate or protein – makes the greatest...

12 ways to lower your blood Triglycerides

There are two types of fat in your blood stream that you need to worry about. Cholesterol and Triglycerides. Doctors and the media worry...

Olive oil changes gut and metabolic health

The type of fat you consume alters your gut microbiome and exerts a major role in the development of metabolic syndrome via hormones such...

Now you can REVERSE Type-2 Diabetes

Losing weight loses diabetes! Exciting work from Professor Roy Taylor at Newcastle University in the UK is consistently showing that Type-2 diabetes can definitely be...

New research shows how to lose weight simply

Simple steps to lose weight naturally Let’s be clear, being more than 7 kgs overweight (depending upon which research study you read) can increase your...

The myth of high cholesterol and heart disease

High cholesterol is not linked to heart disease risk; nor is saturated fat consumption nor is there a link between high ('bad') LDL and...