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Autism may be due to a missing gut bacterium

Lack of the gut bacterium, Lactobacillus reuteri, in infants, leads to lowered levels of oxytocin production which is crucial to social interaction and bonding. While...

Arthritis is linked to your gut bacteria

Arthritis is linked to your gut bacteria "Immunologists have long felt there was a link between gut bacteria and autoimmune diseases", Diane Mathis of Harvard...

Gut bacteria control health by regulating glutathione

Researchers in Sweden have shown that gut bacteria can regulate your amino-acid and glutathione production, in the small intestine, the colon and the liver,...

Heal Your Gut now – HUG it!

All illness starts in the gut and this article tells you how to go about fixing it; whether you have Crohn's, colitis or IBS,...

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