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Depression a symptom of bacterial population in gut

People with depression have distinct intestinal microbes that differ from those without the disorder according to University of Florida Health researchers; this could enable...

Exercise changes your gut microbiome for better health

A good number of separate studies have consistently shown that exercise can alter the make up of your gut microbiome and make you healthier...

The Truth about Vitamin D – 15 years late

Some 15 years ago I wrote our first article on vitamin D. As always it was science-based and used a good number of research...

BLOG: It’s Enough to Send Your Blood Pressure Sky High

  Recently, I went to one of Bangkok’s top International Hospitals to get my hearing aid fixed. A somewhat over-eager-to-please establishment wanted to take my...

Taking Fish Oils Increases anti-inflammatory Gut Bacteria

Fish oils dramatically change gut bacteria for better health In a study from the University of Gothenburg, scientists have shown how fish oils seem to...

Pomegranate – a fruit that does wonders for your health

Eating pomegranates daily, or consuming their juice can have massive health benefits. And that is no overclaim. Pomegranates are high in polyphenols and possibly the...

Walnuts aid health and diversity in gut microbiome; reduce IBS

Walnut consumption changes the gut microbiome and increases levels of strains of Lactobacillus, Roseburia, and Ruminococcaceae. In research(1), conducted by the Louisiana State University Medical Sciences Center,...

Antibiotics at an early age damage future health

Antibiotics given to very young children may damage their health for life by causing the extinction of certain strains of gut bacteria that are...

Are missing minerals contributing to your health problems?

There are somewhere around 75 trace minerals. But if you eat mass produced product from your supermarket grown on those same soils year in,...