Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Smoking ban in UK to create smoke free generation

British PM Rishi Sunak plans to raise the legal age of buying cigarettes by one year every year to stop a whole generation from...

The highs and lows of blood pressure

You may understand that high blood pressure can increase risk of heart attacks and strokes but do you realise a low blood pressure can...

McMaster develop pill to reduce heart attacks and strokes

In a multi-country study, a ‘Polypill’, containing a statin, blood thinner and other compounds, when given to people of medium heart attack/stroke risk, reduced...

Lack of social ties link to hypertension in women

Middle-aged and older women who lack social ties are far more likely to suffer hypertension and thus have an increased risk of heart attacks...

12 ways to lower your blood Triglycerides

There are two types of fat in your blood stream that you need to worry about. Cholesterol and Triglycerides. Doctors and the media worry...

Non-toxic doses of ammonia could prevent heart disease

Non-toxic doses of ammonia could prevent heart disease   A study by the University of Missouri-Columbia has shown that non-toxic amounts of ammonia gas could help...