Thursday, December 9, 2021
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Cucumber can help prevent heart disease

According to a study (1) by the University of Bologna, the common cucumber (cucumis sativus Linn.) contains strong anti-inflammatory properties which reduce inflammation and...

Dangerous, dangerous aspartame

Dangerous aspartame, cancer links, and now strokes and heart disease It really is time that people wised up and did something! Aspartame, the sweetener owned by...

New Year’s resolution – Eat a Rainbow

It’s sugar that drives heart disease, not ‘bad fats’ Have you hear the one about how high saturated fat consumption increases your risk of heart...

Heart disease, wine consumption and exercise

Moderate wine drinking - red or white - has been found to be beneficial to the heart especially if you also exercise regularly.  Researchers led...

Non-toxic doses of ammonia could prevent heart disease

Non-toxic doses of ammonia could prevent heart disease   A study by the University of Missouri-Columbia has shown that non-toxic amounts of ammonia gas could help...

One gram of curcumin a day can reduce heart disease markers

Curcumin supplement shown to reduce heart disease risk Curcumin supplementation may lower risk of heart attacks and strokes according to research from Mashhad University of...