Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Eating grapes lowers cholesterol

Eating two helpings of grapes a day for a month has been found to increase microbiome diversity and to reduce bile acid production by...

Baby’s gut bacteria and breast feeding duration predict future obesity

A higher per cent of Bifidobacteria and a lower per cent of Prevotella in baby’s microbiota are associated with a lower BMI and lower...

Brain haemorrhage and strokes linked to gut bacteria

Patients with Haemorrhagic brain disorders have very distinct and specific gut microbiomes with larger levels of gram-negative bacteria; this has implication for diet and...

Two all natural COVID-19 treatments

Two non-drug, non-vaccine therapies have been showing promise in the treatment of COVID-19. IVC and Convalescent Plasma Therapy; Big Pharma won't get rich from...