Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Psoriasis link to gut bacteria found

The gut microbiome in patients with Skin Psoriasis has been found to be less diverse with four species of beneficial bacteria at lowered levels,...

Faecal transplants and Crohn’s, Candida, colitis and auto-immune diseases

Australian Professor Tom Borody has been championing faecal microbiota transplantations (FMT), for 25 years. His treatment of diseases including Crohn’s, colitis, auto-immune diseases and even...

Gluten Intolerance, a gluten-Free Diet and your gut bacteria

Gluten - a Gluten-Free Diet and gut bacteria Gluten is a hot topic and some people are clearly ‘gluten intolerant’ – adopting a gluten free...

Autism may be due to a missing gut bacterium

Lack of the gut bacterium, Lactobacillus reuteri, in infants, leads to lowered levels of oxytocin production which is crucial to social interaction and bonding. While...

Heal Your Gut now – HUG it!

All illness starts in the gut and this article tells you how to heal your gut; whether you have Crohn’s, colitis or IBS, or...