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The best foods for Gut Health

Certain foods, called prebiotic foods, feed your healthy gut bacteria so they grow quickly and divide more readily; this results in larger numbers of...

Eat to control high blood pressure

The PREDIMED study showed us that the foods you eat can help control your blood pressure; with olive oil, nuts and seeds, fish oils,...

Arginine increases nitric oxide, reduces blood pressure

In 1998, a team of pharmacologists won the Nobel Prize for their discovery of how nitric oxide can causes dilation of blood vessels and thus...

Soluble fibre consumption boosts the immune system

University of Illinois researchers have shown that the consumption of soluble fibre – typically found in whole oats, psyllium, vegetables, pulses and nuts and...

A Rainbow Diet makes for a healthier brain

In a randomised Clinical Trial, researchers from Spain took 450 'seniors' and assigned one of the following diets to them: 1. A colourful Mediterranean Diet...

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