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Eating too quickly increases risk of chronic illness

Researchers have shown that people who eat too quickly have a higher risk of obesity and metabolic disorder (diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular risk). Researchers from...

Overweight? Blame your gut bacteria

Overweight? Obese? Gut bacteria to the rescue Certain gut bacteria have been used to reverse obesity and Type-2 diabetes in animal studies (Proceedings of the...

Soluble fibre consumption boosts the immune system

University of Illinois researchers have shown that the consumption of soluble fibre – typically found in whole oats, psyllium, vegetables, pulses and nuts and...

Is there a link between antibiotics use and diabetes?

Does a history of Antibiotics lead to diabetes? According to researchers at New York University Langone Medical Centre, repeated use of antibiotics seems to alter...

Diabetes and obesity linked to in-home ‘chemicals of concern’

Common chemicals that you come into contact with every day in your own home, are linked to increasing rates of diabetes and obesity. So...

Obesity in young men leads to early heart disease

Obesity in young men leads to early heart disease A Swedish study followed 1.6 million young men for over 40 years and showed the average...

The many health dangers of MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

MSG, inflammatory carcinogen is even in coffee. Now links shown to obesity and diabetes MSG is a chemical taste enhancer first developed in the laboratory...

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