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Weight loss drugs – who needs them?

Semaglutide injections, also called Ozempic or Wegolvy, are given for diabetes but are now being used for weight loss. What do you need to...

12 ways to reduce your blood pressure naturally

Here are 12 proven ways to reduce your blood pressure (diastolic and systolic) without resorting to drugs; you can start today; over a third of...

Statins can double risk of diabetes

Statin use is linked to a 'significantly higher risk' of Type-2 diabetes, decreased insulin sensitivity, and an increase in weight even in a very...

Obesity in your middle age now linked to Dementia and Alzheimer’s

People aged 40 - 60 and who are obese are at almost four times more likely to develop dementia/Alzheimer's in later life than people...

C-Section babies more likely to be overweight by age 3

Babies born to obese women by C-section have 5 times the risk of being obese by the age of 3 than normal children. When...

New research shows how to lose weight simply

Simple steps to lose weight naturally Let’s be clear, being more than 7 kgs overweight (depending upon which research study you read) can increase your...