Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Butyrate significantly improves your health

Butyrate is a Short Chain Fatty Acid made by certain gut bacteria from fermentable fibre; it is essential both for good gut health and...

Increasing evidence of links between Parkinson’s and gut bacteria

Parkinson's disease has been repeatedly associated with problems in the gut microbiome, linked to the brain through the nervous system and also to the...

The Truth about Vitamin D – 15 years late

Some 15 years ago I wrote our first article on vitamin D. As always it was science-based and used a good number of research...

Exercise improves condition, slows progression in Parkinson’s

Parkinson's is a progressive disease triggered in an area of the brain that controls movement. As such it can cause involuntary movements, but also...

Ketogenic Diet improves symptoms in Parkinson’s patients

The Ketogenic diet has been used in treatments for over 60 years and is found to be useful with epilepsy especially among children. There is...

Minerva Neuroscience shares jump on Parkinson’s drug trial results

Minerva Neurosciences Inc shares jumped after a biotech clinical trial of a drug similar to its new drug, MIN-301, improved Parkinson's disease symptoms in...

Choline may reverse early symptoms in Alzheimer’s and possibly Parkinson’s

While statins are known to restrict cholesterol and doctors monitor heart and muscle problems, rarely do they concern themselves with the risk of low...