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Is Lycopene better than statins?

The bioactive ingredient Lycopene in tomatoes reduces ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol in the blood whilst slightly increasing good cholesterol levels. It also reduces blood pressure,...

Statins can double risk of diabetes

Many 'experts argue that everyone over 50 should take statins even if that person is healthy. New research suggests that even healthy people double...

Statins linked to eye damage

Researchers at the University of Texas have shown that using statins can distort your vision; and the longer you take them, the greater the...

Statins stimulate artherosclerosis and Heart failure

What’s this? The wonder drugs statins can actually make matters worse? Researchers from Kinjo Gakuin University, Nagoya, Japan, have shown that taking statins may, in...

Researchers expose statin statistics ‘trickery’

‘Statistical deception and trickery’ is at the heart of many research studies on statins, according to a study of past research into statins, from an expert in...

Women with higher cholesterol live longer

Women with higher cholesterol live longer than women with low cholesterol. And saturated fat now getting a relatively clean bill of health, especially for heart...

Statins, Diabetes and Alzheimer’s

Statins are known to increase plasma glucose levels in the body, and an early study showed that taking statins was associated with a 27%...

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