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Choline from eggs and fatty meat increase heart attack risks

Choline is essential for metabolism and membranes; however too much choline intake can be bad, and is linked to stroke, heart attacks, blood clots,...

How a high fat diet damages your health

Eating a high fat diet causes a chain reaction in the gut, starting with the cells of the gut wall causing metabolic regulation of...

Bacteria link to cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis

Increasing evidence links an imbalance in the gut microbiome and the oral microbiome to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and strokes; one route...

Bacterium can reduce risk of heart disease

Scientists have discovered that a bacterium E limosum, has the ability to reduce atherosclerosis and heart disease risk through its production of a protein...

Can coconut oil help fight Alzheimer’s?

Here we present a review of the research and claims that coconut oil can reverse Alzheimer's and Dementia because of the Medium Chain Triglycerides...