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12 risk factors for Dementia

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12 risk factors for Dementia

Experts believe 12 main risk factors account for 40% of all cases of dementia, while others talk of a breakthrough in early detection by using blood tests for tau protein.

Experts believe targeting the following 12 risk factors could delay or prevent Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

The 12 risk factors for dementia are:

  1.   Lack of early life Education
    2.   Exposure to air pollution
    3.   Mid-life hearing loss
    4.   Mid-life hypertension
    5.   Mid-life obesity
    6.   Mid-life head injury
    7.   Diabetes
    8.   Excessive alcohol
    9.   Smoking
    10. Depression
    11. Social isolation
    12. Physical inactivity

The study author was Professor Gill Livingston of UCL, London.

Meanwhile blood tests for Alzheimer’s measuring the emergence of tau protein have researchers excited, and the latest development, from Lund University in Sweden suggests that people can be identified 20 years before the illness first strikes. Dr. Oskar Hansson, who leads the team, believes that if you can identify the problem earlier then new drugs will be able to prevent the illness better.

As usual, this comment assume the cause of dementia lies within the brain.

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