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Low carb, high fat diet prevents dementia and Alzheimer’s

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As Chris Woollams has told people consistently since 2006, low fat, high glucose diets are dangerous. He first published The Rainbow Diet in 2006, talking about solid research on diets and how the French Paradox was shunned because diets that contained high fat and low carbs ran counter to so-called ‘Health Wisdom’ in the Western world.

Now we are paying the price. Individuals with lower blood sugar levels have a lower risk for dementia. Fact.

The A TO Z trial, which was published in JAMA in 2007, showed dramatic reductions in blood sugar in participants on a lower-carb, higher-fat diet. A second study in NEJM in 2008 showed clear weight loss and reduction of fasting blood sugar in individuals eating a higher-fat, lower-carbohydrate diet.

By 2012 there was a study in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease from the Mayo Clinic showing that people consuming a high-carb diet have an 89% increased risk of mild cognitive impairment. However, those who ate a high-fat diet had a decreased risk of 44%.

You need fat – you need cholesterol. Your brain needs it!!!

Health Authorities have been feeding us rubbish for too long!

Chris Woollams’ breakthrough book, ‘The Rainbow Diet’ was original written for people with cancer, but is now clearly applicable to dementia, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, stress and longevity, according to the latest research studies. It even contains shopping lists!