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Low Testosterone in men link to Alzheimer’s, multimorbidity and cancer

Low Testosterone in men link to Alzheimer’s, multimorbidity and cancer

Two separate studies have linked declining levels of testosterone in all age groups the multiple chronic illnesses with one study showing a ‘significant’ link to Alzheimer’s in elderly men.

Low testosterone link to Alzheimer’s

A meta-analysis review (1) has concluded that a low plasma testosterone level is ‘significantly’ associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease in older men. Similarly, a low testosterone level is associated with worse cognitive function in older men.

In a meta-analysis using seven studies and 5251 men, and 240 cases of Alzheimer’s , the researchers from Qingdao Hospital Medical, sought to clear any confusion in past studies.

Sex steroids are known to positively affect the brain, so it has always seemed likely that low levels of sex hormones such as testosterone, might negatively affect the brain. This meta-analysis cleared up any confusion.

Falling testosterone links to chemical pollution and low vitamin D

Studies have shown that testosterone levels have been falling in men over the past 50 years. Xenoestrogens from sunscreen, toiletries, perfumed products, personal care products, herbicides and pesticides are thought to be the main culprits. But, increases in
obesity, sedentary jobs, poor diet and stress levels are also likely causes. Also, several cancer charities have scare-mongered over sunshine and skin cancer – but sunshine increases your vitamin D levels and research shows this increases testosterone levels (2). A recent expert review (3) concluded that the bad advice on staying out of the sunshine from cancer charities such as Cancer Research

UK was costing 300,000 lives a year in the USA. They experts even suggested that high factor sunscreens should have health warnings on the bottles.

Your blood vitamin D levels should ideally be over 40 ng/ml for health. If you cannot get 2 hours sunshine on your body you should supplement with 2,500 IUs of vitamin D.

Low Testosterone linked to chronic illnesses at any age

In a 2018 study (4) from Michigan Medicine, assistant Professor Dr. Mark Peterson and his team using the National Health and nutrition survey and adults that were representative of the American population, without bias to health or illness. They then divided the people into young, middle-age and elderly. They recorded the testosterone levels and then any of nine chronic illnesses present such as pulmonary disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, high triglycerides, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension and clinical depression.

Looking at multi-morbidity – where men had more than one of these conditions – they found that low total testosterone was associated with multi-morbidity in all age groups, even after adjusting for obesity and muscle strength. Declining levels of testosterone in men were linked to declining health. Peterson added that men should be concerned about declining total testosterone levels. When the levels fall below 300 ng/Dl (or 10 nmol/L) medical help should be sought.

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