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Three studies combine to show Rainbow diet prevents Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s


An Australian study from the University of Melbourne (August 2016) has shown that the fish oil, olive oil and vegetables with little meat combination of the Rainbow Diet greatly reduces inflammation in the body. “This was largely ascribes to the high presence of oils and vitamins, but high natural fibre s cruciall important too,” said Chris Woollams, a former Oxford University Biochemist.

Also in August 2016, researchers at UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior discovered that a colourful Mediterranean Diet, (the Rainbow Diet) along with regular physical activity and a normal body mass index reduces plaque build up in the brain. But it may be a two-step process. 

Neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s are associated with the build up of beta-amyloid, a toxic protein which forms plaque between nerve cells in the brain. This causes damage to neurons. Tau protein is another toxic protein – it is found inside the brain cells.

On October 6th 2016,  researchers from Louisville School of Medicine released the results of a study, which suggested that these two proteins were linked to two proteins made in the gut by bacteria.

Professor Robert Friedland argued that cross-seeding meant clumped proteins produced by bacteria in the gut lead to a similar occurrence in the brain. And he suggested that amyloid proteins made by gut bacteria resulted in inflammation in the gut and brain.

“Gut bacteria have three times the genetic messaging power of humans. They make compounds – the good guys make highly useful compounds like B vitamins and anti-inflammatory short-chain esters; the pathogens make chemicals that can be toxic. In this case, a poor diet encourages the growth of bacteria that make plaque in the gut, which is linked to plaque build up in the brain and a highly inflammatory process. But emrace the Rainbow Diet and you will have more fibre, and dominance of good bacteria and less plaque and less inflammation,” added Woollams

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