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Turmeric reduces dementia symptoms

Turmeric roots with turmeric powder on white background

A German research study from the Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine in Julich, Germany has shown that a bioactive compound found in the spice Turmeric reduces the risk of dementia; only this time, the compound is not curcumin. (Journal of Stem Cell Research and Therapy)

The bioactive compound, aromatic – turmerone, seemed capable of increasing numbers of nerve and brain cells.

Though not a human study – rats were used – scientists were highly hopeful of achieving similar research results. Rats were injected with turmerone and their brains were then scanned. This showed that the areas of the brain known to be involved in nerve cell growth were highly active. Then, the researchers took rodent neural stem cells (NSCs) and applied a liquid solution of turmerone. in different concentrations of aromatic-tumerone extract. Again, activity was noted, which could be very important as NSCs can turn into any type of brain cell.