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Sulforaphanes benefit people with arthritis

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Drug version of sulforaphane claimed to benefit arthritis patients

It has long been known that sulforaphanes (found in greens, cabbage, broccoli) have strong anti-inflammatory benefits.

Claiming that the required dose would be too large to consume by eating vegetables every day, a UK drug company, Evgen Pharma, has developed a stable synthetic version of the chemical in a pill form.

Researchers also claimed that sulforaphane is too unstable in its natural form, and would be impossible to turn into a medicine. They are talking rubbish, but never mind.

Sulforaphanesalso stop damage to cartilage. The drug is called Sulforadex and one pill is equivalent to eating 5.5 lbs of broccoli.

Professor Andrew Pitsillides, led the research study using mice at the Royal Veterinary College in London,. He found the initial response ‘very positive’  noting ‘we have convinced ourselves that sulforaphane is a promising agent for the treatment of osteoarthritis’