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Autism link to vaccines via gut microbiome

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Autism and the gut microbiome

We have told you previously of this possible link and how vaccines might damage the gut microbiome, which in turn might link to autism.

Now researchers are going to study it more deeply.

Dr. Richard E. Frye, Director of Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH) Autism Research Program, believes that research into the role of the microbiome could hold a key to new treatments and understanding of autism

“Mounting evidence shows us that there is a link between the gut and brain; that the gut may have previously under-recognized influences on cognition and possibly even behavior,” said Dr. Frye, a leading autism researcher who serves as Director of both ACH’s Integrated Autism Research Program and Autism Multispecialty Clinic.  “Several lines of research also point to the possibility that changes in the gut either cause or are highly associated with driving core ASD (autism spectrum disorder) symptoms.”

The research is part of the integrated research program at Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute.

One possibility is that excessive vaccination using thermisol (mercury) may damage the more fragile members of the microbiome.