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Mercury in vaccines linked to Autism


While controversy rages in America as a CDC whistleblower (Dr William Thompson) makes an official statement about data from a study on autism and MMR being left out of a CDC report (See Junkscience.co.uk – http://www.junkscience.co.uk/2014/09/junk-science-number-77-a-whistleblower-stirs-up-a-frenzy-on-autism-mmr-and-the-cdc-in-america/), a chemistry Professor, Boyd Haley, Ph.D., says thimerosal, the ethyl mercury-based preservative commonly used in vaccines, is lethal to all forms of life and should never be injected into a human being, especially not a child with a nervous system still in development.

At even very low doses, thimerosal has been shown in vitro and in vivo to kill neuronal cells. This mercury carrier has also been shown to be toxic to certain beneficial strains of gut bacteria. Autism in children is also linked to high levels of gut disorders.

Haley told Natural News (www.naturalnews.comin America that thimerosal is especially toxic in the presence of testosterone, a fact which might explain why young boys seem to be developing autism at five times the rate of young girls.