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Beetroot reduces blood pressure

Fresh beetroot with leaves isolated on white.

Beetroot reduces blood pressure – especially in older, overweight people

Being concerned that previous studies had focussed on young, healthy adults, a group of researchers (A. Jajja; A. Sutyarjoko; J. Lara; K Rennie; K. Brandt; O. Qadir and M. Siervo) set out to study less healthy people to see if beetroot had a positive effect on their health – and it most certainly did.

Subjects were given either beetroot or blackcurrant juice for a month.

After three weeks, those on daily beetroot juice concentrate had a significant reduction in blood pressure. When the supplementation was stopped for a week, blood pressure rose again.

Ref: http://www.nrjournal.com/article/S0271-5317(14)00192-4/abstract?cc=y