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Colourful Mediterranean Diet better than statins for cardiovascular patients

Fresh tomatoes with basil leaves, onion and olive oil in a bowl on vintage background.

Another day, another myth is exploded about statins, the multi-million dollar pills that lower cholesterol. People with cardiovascular disease are far less likely to die if the consume a colourful Mediterranean diet, than if they take a statin. Quite simply, the Med diet is better than statins for treating heart disease!

A seven-year study from heart expert Professor Giovanni de Gaetano in Rome followed more than 1,200 patients who were all at risk, having already had cardiovascular problems. During the research those who adhered to the Rainbow diet were 37 per cent less likely to die early, than those who employed a non-Mediterranean diet. Typically the diet is low sugar and refined carbohydrates, but high in good fats like extra virgin Olive oil, nuts and seeds, and colourful vegetables and fruit.

Statins only reduce mortalities by 24 per cent.

Chris Woollams, former Oxford University Biochemist and author of the Best-selling ‘Rainbow Diet’ book said, “I rest my case. What was a theory in 2005 when I wrote the book, is now a proven fact. Hardly a week goes by with a major research study to support the colourful Mediterranean Diet – this time is beats statins hands down for people who already had cardiovascular disease”.

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