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Eating too quickly increases risk of chronic illness


Researchers have shown that people who eat too quickly have a higher risk of obesity and metabolic disorder (diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular risk).

Researchers from Hiroshima University Medical School followed 1100 people (60% male), who at the outset of the research in 2008 were all free from metabolic syndrome. Dividing the participants into slow, normal or fast eaters, five years later they found that fast eaters were far more likely to have gained weight, have increased their waistline and have higher blood sugar.

While only 2.3% of slow eaters had developed metabolic syndrome, for fast eaters this figure was 11.6%.

It is known that feeling full occurs about 20 minutes after starting to eat, so people who rushed their food were more likely to overeat. They also had poor blood sugar control and a larger insulin spike resulting in insulin resistance.

The study was led by Dr. Takayuki Yamaji, a cardiologist and presented at the American Heart Association’s Annual Conference.

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