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Whatever next? A Diabetes drug that reduces heart problems!

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Whatever next? A diabetes drug that reduces heart problem risk

It’s called Jardiance and it is Eli Lilly and Boehringer’s new diabetes drug.  It’s a SGLT2-inhibitor

Apparently, the company was concerned that diabetes drugs tend to increase heart problems and the risk of dying from heart related events. (No surely not?)

So they deliberately did a study amongst 7,000 people for just over 3 years. And instead of putting lives in danger, during this time patients taking the drug had a 14% lower risk of a heart related occurrence, compared to the placebo. Moreover the risk of death from such an event was reduced by 38% and the risk of death from any cause was reduced by roughly a third.

Results were described as ‘inexplicable, but marvellous’. Apparently, no one really knows how the drug works, but that’s never been a hindrance to approval in the past.

The report did go on to say that diabetes was associated with obesity and inactivity. There was no mention of junk food, refined carbs or sugar consumption.

Never mind any of this; ‘experts’ are now looking at other applications for the drug, like non-diabetes patients with heart problems.