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Is there a link between antibiotics use and diabetes?

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Does a history of Antibiotics lead to diabetes?

According to researchers at New York University Langone Medical Centre, repeated use of antibiotics seems to alter gut bacteria causing obesity and leading to type-2 diabetes. Especially in the young. Well, that is certainly what their experiments with mice show.

In fact they gave the mice pups only the average relative dose given to human children during the first two years of their lives. The antibiotic Tylosin had the most dramatic effect. Amoxycillin led to an increase in bone growth and height.

The researchers observed that both antibiotics significantly disrupted the gut microbiome and the immune system.

The more antibiotics given, the greater the changes.

“We have been using antibiotics as if there was no biological cost,” said Professor Martin Blaser, of New York University, who concluded that while the study was conducted on animals, similar results might be expected in humans.

Similar research is published in Chris Woollams ground breaking book ‘Heal your Gut; Heal your Body’ which links gut bacteria to diseases from dementia to cancer, and from diabetes to Parkinson’s and moodiness, not just IBS and Crohn’s.

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Research was published in the online journal Nature Communications.

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