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Lentils each day, keep diabetes at bay

Group of beans and lentils isolated on white background

To lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure try a cup of lentils a day. So say researchers at the University of Toronto.

In fact any pulse will do, as they are a high source of protective phytoestrogens and fibre, which allows a slow release of carbohydrate and prevents insulin rushes.

The study took 121 people who already had type-2 diabetes and divided them into two equal groups. One half had a cup of lentils added to their daily diet. The other half consumed whole wheat foods.

The researchers then measured the impact on blood sugar and blood pressure.

With both blood sugar and blood pressure, both high fibre groups saw a benefit, but the results were greater for the lentil consumers.Thus researchers concluded that not only was the diet of legumes and lentils better for diabetes Type-2 patients, it was also more likely to ward off heart problems.


Ref: Archives of Internal Medicine; October 2014