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Oregano and Rosemary help fight diabetes

Fresh and dried oregano spices

Researchers at the Human Nutrition University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have found that oregano and rosemary lower blood glucose levels.

Dr. Elvira Gonzalez Mejia and her team were searching for a more natural and affordable way to fight type-2 diabetes, as a number of her patients were having trouble paying for medications. “There is a need to identify natural compounds that can aid in the management of this disease,” she said (Yahoo Health).  So the team decided to look at which herbs, if any, might interfere with a diabetes-related enzyme just as effectively as diabetes drugs. – and oregano and rosemary came out just as effective.

But, there’s always a ‘but’.

Although dried (commercial) herbs worked, fresh herbs, which had more polyphenols and flavonoids were best!.  So get growing them!!!

Previous research has shown other natural compounds to be helpful, such as cinnamon, curcumin/turmeric and garlic.