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Weight loss drugs – who needs them?

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Weight loss drugs - who needs them?

Semaglutide injections, also called Ozempic or Wegolvy, are given for diabetes but are now being used for weight loss. What do you need to understand before you use them?

  • These drugs are Type-2 diabetes drug. Of course, if you’ve been overweight for a while, you could be on your way to Type 2 diabetes.

  • These drugs are expensive – you may have to fund them yourself.

  • They do cut weight markedly. But if you stop the drugs, you will probably put the weight straight back on.

  • The drugs cause you to lose weight all over your body. They can change the shape of your face making you look older; the may cause eye problems.

  • They can cause significant changes to your microbiome.

If you want to lose weight without the drugs – read on:

Why do people gain weight?

You gain weight because you consume more calories than you burn. It’s that simple. But poor food choices and hormones such as the thyroid hormone play a role.

But there are some factors to consider.

1. Most people start young

Fat kids lead to fat adults. And kids may be fat because their mothers trained them to like poor food choices. Engrained habits are then hard to break. 

Many ‘experts’ will make claims about this being a Genetic issue – one I read was talking about 400 genes being involved in obesity. But ‘involved’ is not the same as causal.

2. Genetic or epigenetic?

What we do know is that the food choices you make can greatly alter the makeup of your microbiome. About 25% of the microbiome membership is decided at birth. Your initial membership is determined by whether you were born naturally or via Cesarean, whether or not you were breastfed, whether your mother was on drugs at birth, or ill, or whether she was fat or thin and more.

Then your microbiome’s relative membership is decided by what you eat and drink. But also by the drugs and antibiotics you take, the stresses and strains you are under, smoking, alcohol consumption, environmental toxins and even exercise.

Now, what would would you say if I told you that fat people and those with Type-2 diabetes had almost identical microbiomes?

And that if you feed your microbiome poor food choices there will be increased numbers of bacteria making inflammatory compounds; but if you feed your microbiome healthy food choices, you will produce greater numbers of bacteria that make anti-inflammatory compounds.

In other words, the whole concept of going on a ‘diet’ and cutting calories, might be a waste of time. Far better might be changing to a Rainbow Mediterranean Diet and simply making better choices – Olive oil not coconut oil; almond milk not full cream dairy; walnuts instead of crisps.

This is epigenetics. Your genes in your DNA have not changed. The messages that they produce can still be perfect but your choices interfere with that production and cause changed messages. If you make better choices you can correct the damage.

3. My weight is due to my metabolism

Yes, this is what we are saying. But we are not simply talking about increasing your metabolism by taking up jogging or going to the gym.

The most important factor is that your gut bacteria also make a myriad of useful compounds; three groups in particular make a fatty acid each (Butyrate, acetate and propionate) and these control your metabolism. Food choices will also control your metabolism.

But I’m tired all the time as well as putting on weight. A doctor might check your thyroid and suggest a synthetic thyroid hormone. Again that might be poor thinking. Low iodine could well be the culprit and sea foods or sea kelp tablets the answer.Iodine can control your metabolism and increase body oxygenation. This could be a simple fix.

Gain weight and you gain adipose tissue. It bis now known that this is not inert. It produces hormones that change your metabolism.

Can I lose weight without drugs?

Of course. This is a metabolic, epigenetic disease. Nothing is set in stone

Start here:

  1. Change your microbiome – read the article on Healing your gut (1)

  2. Make better food choices – no need to go hungry – eat more soluble fibre, consume good oils, nuts and seeds -it’s a Rainbow Diet. (2). We had one lady in the who switched to a Rainbow diet and lost 42 lbs in 4 months.

  3. Take Sea Kelp pills daily (3). Easy.

  4. Buy a dog and take it for a walk twice a day. There’s even research that this lowers cardiovascular risk (4)