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8 ways to control acid reflux naturally

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About 80% of the population have periods of acid reflux at some point in their lives. For some people it can be an increasing and persistent menace, even leading to cancer. Here are 8 simple ways of controlling this modern day problem:

  1. Raise your head and neck slightly when you sleep – can you raise the upper portion of your mattress 4-6 inches?
    2. Cut back on common aspirin – aspirin can cause ulcers and lesions in the oesophagus
    3. Cut back on spicy foods – spicy foods can burn the oesophagus
    4. Cut back on alcohol – drinking alcohol and even using alcohol-based mouthwash last thing at night can irritate lesions further
    5. Don’t eat protein after 6 pm – protein consumption causes acid production in the stmach. Carbohydrate consumption generates a more alkaline environment
    6. Take mastic gum – This is a unique resin from a Mediterranean tree and it has been used for years to improve digestion, liver and oral health. It is anti-inflammatory, contains antioxidants and can counter H. pylori, a common cause of acid reflux. It also has benefits with ulcers and IBS.
    7. Take zinc L-carnosine – this is classed as a Food supplement in many but not all Western countries. In some it requires a prescription. It is a mucosal product helping to line and protect the oesophagus and stomach.
    8. Take marshmallow root – it’s a traditional herbal medicine used for the treatment of gastric ulcers and as a gargle for throat and oesophageal problems such as ulcers.