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Antidepressants wrongly prescribed for unproven reasons


Almost half of prescriptions for antidepressants incorrect

The antidepressants scam just keeps on growing. Barely proven to actually work on real depression, it seems 45 per cent of the pills are prescribed by doctors for conditions about which there is no research evidence at all.

Research from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, found that 45% of the antidepressants prescribed for more than 100,000 adults living in Quebec were for conditions other than depression, like ‘pain’ and ‘insomnia’.

“Physicians are prescribing antidepressants for so many different indications now, not just depression,” said researcher Jenna Wong.

Worse, they don’t even record the reason for the prescription or whether it even slightly worked.

With 11 per cent of Americans on ‘anti-depressants’ and Britain not far behind, no wonder this scam market has boomed by nearly 500% in 20 years.

Have doctors ever heard of exercise and sunshine for depression relief? Or the influence of diet and gut bacteria?