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Berberine can cut blood sugar and reduce blood pressure

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Berberine can cut blood sugar and reduce blood pressure

The herbal component berberine, known to reduce blood sugar is shown in this research to reduce blood pressure and improve blood circulation reducing cardiovascular risk.

People with Type-2 Diabetes have two significant risk factors – high blood sugar, and high blood pressure – which together increase their risk of vascular issues including death. 

Few drugs, including Metformin, show the ability to deal with both issues and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

In the study with diabetic rats, three different levels of berberine were used. Berberine is a component of a number of herbs such as Berberis and Goldenseal. It is also known for its anti-inflammatiory and anti-pathogen properties. It is particularly effective with yeasts.

Results of the study (1) showed that using 100 mg/kg/day of berberine not only lowered blood glucose but also reduced blood pressure and improved vasodilation. Berberine also significantly increased the function and expression of BKCa in cerebral vascular smooth muscle cells combating a possible cause of strokes. The research concluded that activation of the BKCa channel might be an important protective mechanism provided by berberine in diabetes.

Chris Woollams, former Oxford University Biochemist commented, “All well and good, but the dosing looks very high. A man of 80 kg would be taking 8000 mg. In cancer treatment the doses are 1500-2000 mg and we get good results with blood sugar falling to 4 mmol/L (76 ng/dL) or below.”

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